About Us

intrade logo traceINTRADE ASIA PACIFIC CORPORATION was incorporated under the laws of the Philippines on November 21, 1974. We are duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Bureau of Domestic Trade and possess all security clearances from the Armed Forces of the Philippines including a Permit to Deal in Firearms and Ammunition issued by the Philippine National Police, Camp Crame, Quezon City.

INTRADE's main business is focused in supplying defense products to the AFP and PNP. Thus, INTRADE is engaged in the marketing of military aircraft armaments, cannons, small arms and ammunition (firepower) radios, radar, telephones (communications).

Our entry into the defense market started with the sale of Oerlikon SURA-FL 80cm sliding fin aircraft rockets to the Philippine Air Force in February 1975.

Subsequent procurements of the Armed Forces of the Philippines thru Intrade over the past 31 years are too numerous to list. However, here are a few:

  • EMERLEC 30 twin 30mm naval guns and mounts plus 50,000 rounds of 30mm ammunition from Messrs. Oerlikon-Buerhle Limited, Switzerland to the Philippine Navy;
  • Oerlikon 25mm KBA-BO2 cannons to the Philippine Army plus 50,000 rounds of assorted 25mm ammunition for PA’s Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicles (AIFV);
  • FN, Herstal .50 cal HMP machine Gun Pods including Fire Control Systems and interface for the McDonnel Douglas MD520 MG helicopter gunships of the Philippine Air Force;
  • Sig-Sauer P228 9mm pistols to the Philippine Air Force which are now considered the standard sidearm for all PAF pilots;
  • Modernization of Philippine Army’s old (1946 vintage) 105mm M101A1 Howitzers with GIAT Modernization Kits and 105mm Base Bleed ammunition which extend the range of said howitzers from 11.5 kms to 17.5 kms.
  • 500 LBS Mk82, General Purpose, Low Drag for the Philippine Air Force;
  • FN MINIMI 5.56mm Squad Automatic Weapons to the Armed Forces of the Philippines for use by the Philippine Army and the Philippine Marines.

Our Mission

Intrade is dedicated to be the prime source for defense products for the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Philippine National Police and radar/navigation aids for the Air Transportation Office.

Provide efficient suppliers and preeminent products to our customers.